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Bakırköy Baptism Photo Shoot

In 2020, in the dark days of the pandemic, a sweet, sweet, sweet, beautiful baby girl was born, Zabel, who will illuminate these dark days like a light. Her parents, Parin and Şahin, were the happiest, most excited and loving parents in the world when Zabel was born...

While dear Zabel was growing up, the world was under the impact of the pandemic. Health was the most important factor. Not paying attention to hygiene rules, walking around without masks in crowded environments posed a danger and prolonged the pandemic process. For this reason, many ceremonies and events were banned by the state due to the pandemic. Baptisms were also one of the banned ceremonies. Fortunately, the vaccine that will bring the pandemic to its knees has finally been found...

Parin and Şahin decided to organize the baptism of their beloved Zabel in 2021. They scheduled the baptism for September 12 at 19:00 at the Bakırköy Surp Asdvadzadzin Armenian Church.

The day of the baptism had come. The decorations were thought and prepared to the finest detail. The architect of these unique preparations was the beloved Nicole Organizasyon.

The Özgul family had reached the church. Godmother Dr. Dyt. Fatma Yiğitoğlu, the godmother, and Herman Tümer, the godfather, were ready for their spiritual daughter, Zabel. All family members were there. Friends and loved ones were slowly arriving at the church to attend the baptism ceremony.

Zabel was the center of attention, running here and there in all her cuteness. Everyone who attended this ceremony was excited and the pure love for Zabel was evident in everyone's eyes...

The spiritual baptism ceremony started with the presence of Der Bedros Buldukyan to present the baptism ceremony.

Under the leadership of dear Sayat Dağlıyan, in partnership with Novva Film Wedding & Arman Marazyan Photography, we were there to document this spiritual baptism ceremony with unique frames as a Photography & Video Shooting Team in order to preserve it for the future.

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Now I leave you alone with dear Zabel's Bakırköy Baptism Photo Shoot.

Love to you. Have a good time...

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