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Advice for Couples Thinking of Taking Photos & Videos on the Wedding Day

In this article, we have compiled our Recommendations for Couples Thinking of Wedding Day Photography & Video, which we have experienced and experienced a lot before and on the wedding day. enjoy it...

1) Our Advice on Choosing a Shooting Team:

* Be sure to review the portfolios of the shooting team you plan to work with.

* Explain your expectations, your wishes, the program you have planned for the wedding day, your customs and traditions, if any, to the shooting team you will work with completely and in detail. Be sure to let them know if there are any poses you really like or hate.

* Each shooting team has a different style. Agree with the shooting team that suits your style.

* Prefer to work with proven and reliable teams rather than being price-oriented. Unfortunately, there is no compensation for wedding day shootings. Do not leave your job to chance.

* Do not choose to work with unofficial shooting teams (not registered with the Istanbul Chamber of Photographic Artists or the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce).

2) Wedding Day Tips:

*Remember that it is going to be a tiring day and start the day with a good breakfast and have snacks with you throughout the day. If you are hungry, your sugar or blood pressure may drop, which unfortunately reflects negatively on the images obtained.

*Preparation stages usually take place at home, in a hotel or at the hairdresser.

For the preparation phase at home, the room with the most light should be preferred. If the house where the preparation will be made is small, care should be taken not to be crowded as much as possible.

For the preparation phase to be held in the hotel, a large room with intense light should be preferred and the information that the shooting will be done should be given.

For the preparation stages to be held at the hairdresser, the hairdresser should be informed that the shooting will be done.

*It is a very rare thing that the hairdresser says that our work will end at this time and finishes at that time. When you are planning, add another half hour to the time he says.

*Even if it is a hairdresser you always go to, make sure that you have a rehearsal for your bridal hair with your veil and other accessories such as crowns etc. and take photos from several angles during the rehearsal.

*It will be useful to have a spare lipstick used in the hairdresser that day in your bag.

*When Mr. Groom comes to pick up the bride from the hairdresser, it would be good to apply a very light foundation or pat if there is no problem and if needed (without exaggeration :))

*If possible, have someone or some people with you who are interested in you. Even 1-2 people from your friend group will be more fun.

*Make sure you have spare shoes to walk comfortably. We recommend sports or ballet shoes.

*Don't forget your wedding bouquet and other accessories you want to use in the shoot.

*You can have a simple dress suitable for your style for concept shoots other than wedding dresses and suits.

*We usually experience this a lot: groomsmen take off their jackets and bow ties because it's hot and forget them on the way to the shoot :))

*If possible, the groom should not drive the bridal car on the wedding day as it will be stressful and exciting.

*Have envelopes in the car prepared in advance in case the children get in the way.

*Assign someone to take care of things for you on your wedding day, whether it is your brother, friend or cousin.

*Ask for a wedding day program written hour by hour from the wedding organization company you will work with

*When planning, do not forget to include the first dance rehearsal in the plan. After all, even if you have had dance training, keep in mind that you will be dancing for the first time in a wedding dress and groom's suit.

*You may be naturally stressed or excited on the wedding day, try to enjoy your wedding day as much as possible, live in the moment and be relaxed. 😊

If you have a recommendation that you say this happened to us on the wedding day or this happened at my friend's wedding, be sure to write in the comments :)

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